The Salty Escapes Experience


As a property owner, you may have been taken advantage of by both your guests and your property managers. Perhaps your time as an owner has been muddled by all of the unnecessary stress and hassle that comes with property ownership. You've hardly had a chance to enjoy this momentous opportunity.


If given the choice to start over, you might even consider not going the property rental route again - all because of your rather tough journey thus far.
Or maybe you're just new to this thing and want to avoid all of the horror stories that you've heard so far.


You deserve to have complete trust and confidence in your property manager. You deserve to work with a property manager that takes your unique needs and circumstances into account and creates a custom experience for both you and your guests to enjoy. You deserve a property manager who is willing and ready to back you up.


Welcome to Salty Escapes!
Salty Escapes is a property management and vacation rental company that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for both owners and guests along the Gulf Coast of Florida.
We work with property owners who have been taken advantage of in the past and are looking for someone they can trust, or for new property owners. We hope to show you the kind of service and experience you and your guests truly deserve.
From the moment we meet to the first (and last) guest we accommodate, Salty Escapes will be by your side.



What is the Salty Escapes Experience?

As a property owner, you want someone you can not only trust to take care of your second home, but someone who you know will be there when you really need it.

When your washing machine stops working while a guest is using it, I'll be there to fix it and get the situation taken care of - all while making sure your guest feels heard and appreciated in the process! The best part is - my property owners have full faith and trust in me to manage their property without supervision or assistance, meaning you get to live your life elsewhere knowing your property AND guests are being taken care of!

I've lived in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area my entire life and am very familiar with the community and local events and attractions. Beyond the operation side of things, I'll be there to help provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience from booking day to vacation day!


Salty Escapes offers completely customizable management options:

If you feel like you might be a fit for any of these options and would like to learn more about what is included, please reach out to me at for more information!



Salty Escapes was founded by me: Lauren Callahan.
I have decades of experience in the property management and hospitality industry, plus a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality, Recreation, and Resort Management, a Florida Real Estate Sales License and every certification and license as required by the state of Florida.
My interest in the hospitality industry spans decades, but it wasn't until 2019 that I decided to break off and start my own property management company- Salty Escapes. I've seen so many owners and guests be taken advantage of by others in the industry and just couldn't handle not doing it my way anymore.
It's been my personal commitment to provide every single owner and guest with the most unforgettable and pain-free rental experience possible - as it should be! With Salty Escapes, you're getting a small business experience from start to finish, but with the full insight and knowledge that you might get from a large-scale property management company. I am honored and proud to be able to offer the best of both worlds to my clients.
Officially, Salty Escapes is owned and operated by just me, but that doesn't mean my 2 incredible kiddos and English Bulldog, Dozer, don't have a say in things. Those custom experiences your guests will receive on their vacation? Tried and tested by your Salty Escapes family! If those 3 don't approve - it's not part of the Salty Escapes Experience!
I firmly believe that my personal approach to this business is where much of our success is rooted.


But don't just take it from me!

"Thank you Lauren at Salty Escapes for turning what we thought would be a disaster into an amazing wonderful memory that will last a lifetime! We had our perfect anniversary week planned and then Hurricane sally happened. In a panic, I contacted Salty Escapes and Lauren took it from there. Next thing you know we were on sunset cruises, riding bikes, and my husband played a few rounds of golf! We even had Anniversary treats in our condo! Thank you Lauren for being so wonderful and making our week super special. We will see you again soon!" - Denise G. (2020)
"This was our first experience staying in a condo for a month and what a pleasure it was! We were impressed at how complete the place was - from extra pillows to towels and a fully equipped kitchen. The decor was what I would expect from a high-end business hotel (with a beach theme) and the pool & hot tub were excellent. The location was perfect, near enough to Target, Winn Dixie, and many, many restaurants but also secluded and private. A walk to the beach was a daily event we really looked forward to. The other people staying at Magnolia House and the surrounding beach houses were very pleasant and just added to the enjoyment. We made a reservation for next year as soon as we got home, I guess that says it all." - Patrick B. (2020)
"The pictures did not do this place justice. It was a great place to enjoy the wonderful ocean view. Great property management, Lauren was so helpful throughout the whole process from start to finish. She even helped give us a fun activity to do with our children. My family can not wait to return." - John Y. (2020)
The love continues... click here for more!
Even if you're still feeling up in the air about working with me as your property manager, there is without a doubt one thing you can't deny: Life is better at the beach.
Let me make sure that statement holds true through our custom Salty Escapes Experience!